Let’s Build Something Magnetic.

We're Union. Your high-retention recruiting and people ops partner.

No department.

We can handle your complete hiring and culture roadmap so you can focus on growth.

Attract Talent

We give you a candidate-first hiring process that makes you magnetic to talent. We coach hiring managers to interview well, spot bias and make decisions quickly to keep the pipeline moving.

Hire Talent

Whether we're working on one role or building an entire department, we handle all-things from scoping to sourcing, screening, and scheduling with velocity while ensuring we're hiring for your culture, values and organization.

Retain Talent

We help you build a high-retention culture by implementing and running employee management and development processes that help reduce regrettable resignations with compensation analysis, performance processes, 360s and more.

Union is basically an extension of my department for our efforts to grow in the US. Beyond sourcing candidates from her network, our Union Recruiter's impact extends to defining roles, clarifying department objectives and KPIs. Defining what success looks like after the hire is so important to empowering and retaining all these wonderful people we bring on.
Karthik Gopalan VP of People Ops
Great Learning, Byju’s
Union helped us hire the VP of Product at one of my companies and the Managing Director at my other. Two years later, Union is still an ongoing partner to our Hiring Managers and all the sourcing, coordinating and advice that Union provides is critical to our recruiting process.
Greg Galant, CEO & Co-Founder
Muck Rack & Shorty Awards
In the last year, Union has helped us double our team. Whether we'll continue at that velocity in 2023 is a big unknown so what's great about Union is the flexibility. I can dial the engagement down or ramp it up and have zero onboarding time because they're already so embedded with us.
Lexi Bucci, Head of People
To anyone hiring for a startup, make Union your first call. You have sh*t to do. Let experts handle your hiring pipeline. It’s tremendously valuable to work with people you can trust to execute and help you grow. Union handled it all for me so I had more bandwidth and peace of mind while I doubled my team.
Alizain Feerasta, Head of Engineering
SV Academy
Union helped me land my current role at Muck Rack which was a perfect fit for me. They were transparent, communicative and helpful throughout the entire process and I’m now using them to build out my entire team.
Mandy Steinmetz, VP of Product
Muck Rack
When the team at Union originally reached out, I was struck by how informative and, frankly, how human they were. I wasn't looking for a new job but everything about how they communicated the opportunity was transparent and compelling. That really stood out and ultimately led to a great outcome for me.
Mike Bruno, Head of Marketing, North America
Great Learning

Ben Aronowicz
Co-Founder & President

Leave HR to the People Who Love HR

We're seven former Heads of Talent, experienced Recruiters and People Ops specialists who have scaled and exited a tech company ourselves.

Our founder Ben Aronowicz is passionate about helping companies adopt a talent-first ethos across the full spectrum of their business.